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Rental Handicap

Rental for mono & biski, crutch ski and speaker systems.

Pool Winterberg is a rental specialized in skiing with handicap. We offer different mono and biski models for sitting skiing, crutch skis for standing skiing and speaker systems and markers for visually impaired skiing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Prices and information

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Price per day

Mono or Biski device

30 Euro

Crutch ski

10 Euro

Loudspeaker system

10 Euro



Manufacturer: Praschberger

Monoski equipment: widths from 32 - 42 cm

Snowball (children's equipment): Width 28 - 30 cm

All required equipment is included in the price and can be provided individually.


Manufacturer: Biunique & Tessier

In the rental there are two Biunique devices and one Tessier Dualski.

Crutch ski

Manufacturer: Superlight

Crutch skis for skiing with amputation and limb damage. The crutch skis are adjustable in height.




Speaker system

Manufacturer: CeeCoach

Loudspeaker: loud loudspeaker with webbing

CeeCoach: interconnection via headphones

Bibs: "Blind" and "Guide" bibs for better perception on the slope


You want to borrow a device from us? No problem, please contact us by mail!

Hello. Nice of you to visit us on our website! Do you have any questions about us or our services? Then simply click on the icon at the bottom left and write to us! Our team will be happy to help you.