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Ski courses in Winterberg

Group courses for children and adults

Learn to ski in a group and with a lot of fun, sociability and variety! In our small groups we enable you a great snow experience and a quick learning success. The entry into the group courses is possible every day, whether beginner or advanced, child or adult.

Group courses

Children, teenagers and adults



1 day

60 Euro

2 days

115 Euro

3 days

165 Euro

each additional day

45 Euro

Adult courses bookable up to max. 3 days.

to the booking

Children from the age of 5 learn in our private and over 500sqm large ski children's land at the Herrloh with attractive learning and lift aids. The children's land is located directly at the ski school office Herrloh. Teenagers (12-16 years) and adults learn on the same slope, just a few meters away. The practice lift at Herrloh is the perfect entry point for beginners, but also our advanced groups can start from there directly into the entire ski lift carousel Witerberg and reach and experience more blue, red or even black slopes in no time.

This is important...

Children are required to wear a helmet at the ski school. For adults we recommend wearing a helmet.

Group lessons with 5-8 children per instructor (adults 5-10).

Meeting point 15min before the start of the course at Herrloh lift no. 19 to divide into the respective groups.

Duration approx. 2,5 hours (10.00 - 12.30 or 13.00 - 15.30).

Ski equipment is NOT included and must be purchased separately at a ski rental shop.

Lift tickets are NOT included | Usually tickets are needed on the 2nd day (advanced course)

The general terms and conditions apply.

You should know that:

Contents of the individual courses

Beginner group course (day 1):

  1. Getting used to the ski, gliding on the flat.
  2. Safe braking in the plough
  3. First plough turns
  4. Ascent by stair step and magic carpet (for children)

Advanced basic course (day 2 - day 5):

  1. The goal is safe skiing on blue runs as well as the use of lifts
  2. Rhythmic stringing together and load change of plough turns
  3. Improvement of all ski specific characteristics
  4. Skiing on red slopes
  5. Experience different lift types (chairlift, anchor lift, conveyor belt)
  6. First curves in parallel ski position

Site plan

This is how you can easily find your course!

Flag 1: Children beginners

Flag 2: Children advanced

Flag 3: Adults (beginners & advanced)

Flag 4: Snowboard (beginners & advanced)

Flag 5: Private lessons

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